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Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story: rift.mp3 (457 K) 

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John Lennon: "Come on, Dewey Cox. I think you might enjoy it. Open up your mind to a new experience, a new level of consciousness like we do, because we are the Beatles."
Paul McCartney: "Why don't you just let him decide. Iy he want's to take LSD, he'll take it. He doesn't have to listen to you. You're not the boss of him."
John Lennon: "Don't tell me what to say and what not to say, Paul McCartney."
Paul McCartney: "I'm sick of you being so dark when I'm so impish and whimsical. I'm sick of it."
John Lennon: "Hey, everyone, I've got a brand-new mantra: Hmm, Paul's a big fat bleep."
George Harrison: "I don't know why you two don't let me write more songs, you know. I just sit here while my guitar quietly whimpers, you know."
Paul McCartney: "Well, you are the quiet one, so why don't you shut the bleep up?"
Ringo Starr: "I've got a song about an octopus."
John Lennon: "Jam it up your ass. You're lucky we still let you play drum."
Dewey Cox: "Wow, seems like there's a rift happening between the Beatles."
John Lennon: "I wonder if your songs will still be shit when I'm 64."

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