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Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story: cametotellyou.m4r (2139 K) 

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Dewey Cox: "Ah! Nate?!"
Older Nate (Jonah Hill): "This is what I's look like if I'd grow up into an adult and perhaps hadn't been murdered or whatever. I just came to tell you you need to get your shit together!"
Dewey Cox: "I know. I've fallen again."
Older Nate: "Will you listen to yourself? You keep whining like a little bitch. If I was alive today, I'd be the bleeping president of the United States. I'd be on the moon, walking around looking for aliens to kill."
Dewey Cox: "What?"
Older Nate: "You know why Dad liked me better than you? Because I was better than you. When I played the piano, I was bleeping awesome."
Dewey Cox: "Well, you think it's been easy for me? Since you're gone, I got no sense of smell."
Older Nate: "Oh, you got so sense of smell? You can't smell anything? You can't smell anything? I got no sense of having legs, Dewey! I had no life! I'm dead because somebody, I'm not gonna point out names right now, decided to murder me with a machete."
Dewey Cox: "Nate."
Older Nate: "I can't even smell, touch, feel. I can't even masturbate. You ever try to jerk off with a ghost hand? Nothing! I'm just trying to say you need to fix this shit. You need to get out of that bathtub and you need to start writing songs again."

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