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Season 1
Episode Number Episode Name
101 Cartman Gets An Anal Probe - Aliens probe where no man has been before. Wendy and Stan explore the wonders of romance! Cartman sings Al Jolsen!
102 Weight Gain 4000 - Cartman gets BEEFCAKE! Cathy Lee Gifford comes to town, and Wendy praises Walden.
103 Volcano - Jimbo and Ned teach the scamps the fine art of killing things! A hairy beast thats NOT Meatloaf seems to be lurking about...and to make things worse, a volcano erupts! Dante's Peak eat yer heart out!
104 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride - Stan finds Sparky, a dog whos smart, loyal....and gay (not that theres anything wrong with that!). The South Park Cows try to lose gracefully. Plus more of Ned and Jimbo's crazy antics!
105 An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig - Can Kyle prove Loverboy wrong by making Vietamese Elephants? Shelley uses Stan as a human mace, and a giant mutant Stan makes like Godzilla.
106 Death - Grandpa Marsh only wants one little thing....for Stan to kill him. The parents of South Park lead a crusade to ban Terrance and Phillip. Kenny has bowel problems.
107 Pink Eye - Zombies attack South Park just in time for Halloween! Cartman manages to offend a record number of minorities. Blood, blood and more blood!
108 Damien - The son of Satan joins Mr. Garrisons class. Theres a classic fight between good and evil...but heaven forbid it interuppt Cartman's birthday party! Kenny as a platypus! *quack quack*
109 Starvin' Marvin - When the boys pledge money for a worthy cause (a Teiko sports watch!) they end up with an Etheopian! Some pissed turkeys are on the loose, and Kenny copes with green beans!
110 Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo - A piece of yuletide crap shows up, and causes Kyle all kinds of trouble. Cartman sings his own unique holiday carol. South Park learns the true meaning of Christmas/Hanukah --PRESENTS
111 Tom's Rhinoplasty - A new subsitute makes the scamps smitten, too bad shes a lesbian! Mr. Garrison gets a nose job in attempt to lure hot chicks, and Wendy goes Physco.
112 Mecha Streisand - An evil jewish diva plans world domination! The scamps call on Robert Smith to take her down! Cartman rewrites the rules to "Roschambo" and Pip gets a dose of hickory nut crunch!
113 Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut - Cartman starts his crusade to find his long lost father. Stan and Kyle strike it rich with a funny home video. Chef explains where babies come from...HIS way.
Season 2
Episode Number Episode Name
201 Not Without My Anus - A fart warming tale aboot two men, an ugly man, Celine Dion, a daughter and an evil Iraqi dictator. *Fart* Ha ha ha!
202 Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut - Cartmans his dad? Kenny sacrifices his life to become a Freezy Pop. Do you like your Eric Roberts well done or medium rare?
203 Chickenlover - Chickens get violated! Cartman becomes one of the men in blue. Barbrady finds deep meaning in "Go Dog Go"!
204 Ike's Wee Wee - Kyle attempts to rescue Ike from the dangers of tradition, only to find Ike's not his brother! Mr. Mackey becomes a Day Tripper and mmkay is said enough time to drive a quaker insane.
205 Conjoined Fetus Lady - When Kyle's mom discovers the school nurse has an odd disability, she does her best to make her noticed. Meanwhile the school Dodge Ball team goes to China to face certain death.
206 The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka - Jesus and Pals goes Jerry Springer in hopes ofhigh ratings. Jimbo and Ned peruse a dangerous amphibian while the scamps learn about Vietnam's horror.
207 City On The Edge Of Forever - Sweet dreams are made of these! In this episode: Kenny kills death, Stan and Wendy make out and the Fonz makes an apperance! Now THATS a sticky situation!
208 Summer Sucks - Yes Virginia, there IS summer in South Park. Mr. Hat runs away in hopes of seducing Brent Favre. A giant snake firework threathens to destroy the world. Poor Cartman battles horrid first grader pee!
209 Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls - When a film festival settles in South Park, Mr. Hankey's life is in peril. Only Chef's badly named confections can give Mr. Hankey the power to be all the crap he can be. Wendy and Stan get their kicks from homosexual flicks!
210 Chickenpox - Who would've guessed such a common childhood disease could cause so many problems? The scamps spread herpes and Mr. Broslofski and Mr. McCormick renew old ties.
211 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods - A routine class trip to the planetarium causes the whole class to become brainwashed, Kenny's head explodes, and Cartman gets on Television!
212 Clubhouses - In an effort to please his love, Stan builds a clubhouse. In an effort to please his ego, Cartman does the same. Stan's folks get a divorce and get married again...all in a half-hour. Hey hey hey....its Fat Abbott!
213 Cow Days - Everybody say MOOO! South Park has its annual Cow Days Festival, and Kyle has his eyes on some Terrance and Phillip merchandise. Meanwhile the Cows find god and Cartman becomes a prostitue.
214 Chef Aid - When Chef gets sued over Stinky Britches, famous singers jump to his rescue. Featuring such famous musicians as: Elton John, Meatloaf ( you realise I've said Meatloaf TWICE in these descriptions?) and Ozzy Osborne (watch out all you pigeons!). Plus, Mr.Hat retunrs... hasta la vista TWIGGY!
215 Spookyfish - Its Halloween again in South Park, and things are becoming a little weird.   Stan gets a goldfish whos hero is probably Charles Manson, Cartman has an "evil" twin, and Mrs. Marsh loses her monthly visitor!
216 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson - Its the holiday season again, and this time the scamps are visiting Cartman's family! They get to ride with Charles Manson, and Kyle takes down a false idol whose full of crap. Best of all...we get to see Cartman's hair!
217 Gnomes - Finally a South park that deals with the true meaning of life....COFFEE! In this episode, the scamps meet Tweek, a kid after my own heart, and a group of gnomes who have a fetish for Hanes. Plus, actual economical issues...but don't worry, you won't learn anything!
218 Prehistoric Ice Man - The boys find an Ice man and Mephesto thaws him out.
Season 3
Episode Number Episode Name
301 Rainforest Shmainforest - The boys are sent to the Costa Rican rainforest as a part of the Getting Gay with Kids choir tour.
302 Spontaneous Combustion - No Description yet.
303 The Succubus - No Description yet.
304 Tweek VS Craig - The boys coerce two of their reluctant classmates, Tweek and Craig, into a school yard fight.
305 Jackovasaurus - While camping on the banks of Stark's Pond, the boys discover the last two Jakovasaurs left alive on the planet.
306 Sexual Harassment Panda - Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment.
307 Cat Orgy - Shelly babysits Cartman.
308 Two Naked Guys In A Hot Tub - The boys, mimicking one of their favorite TV shows, phone the local police station. Soon the ATF is stationed outside a town party and a standoff reminiscent of WACO is played out in South Park.
309 Jewbilee - As all of South Park waits for the meteor shower to begin, Kyle and Ike go into the wilderness on a Jewbilee camping trip.
310 Chinpoko Mon - No Description yet.
311 Starvin Marvin In Space - No Description yet.
312 Korns Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery - No Description yet.
313 Hooked On Monkey Fonics - No Description yet.
314 The Red Badge Of Gayness - No Description yet.
315 Mr Hankeys Christmas Classics - No Description yet.
316 Are You There God It's Me Jesus - No Description yet.
317 The Brown Note - No Description yet.

Short Cartoons
The Spirit Of Christmas
Tonight Show/Jay Leno Thanksgiving Sketch

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: "(the closing theme of South Park)"

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: "(The South Park opening theme in the speded up version)"

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: "(The whole South Park opening theme in the original slow version)"

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